Becky presents at schools, libraries, book clubs and conferences. She enjoys speaking at literacy evenings too. She is willing to present several different topics. Here are a few of her favorites.

  • Books as Teachers: How picture books can serve as mentors for writing.
  • The Spy in Me: Using journals to inform and improve writing.
  • Writing nonfiction books: What makes you curious and how to find the answers to your questions. Includes an overview of the kinds of nonfiction picture books.
  • From idea to bookshelf: Learn about books, starting from the ideas to publication. Becky discusses writing, submitting, working with editors and illustrators, the origins of her books, and gives a sneak peak at her latest work.
  • How to use the Six Traits: Having fun with books and writing while using the Six Traits. (More for teachers than students.)

Becky brings her laptop computer (a Mac) and gives an interactive program using Powerpoint. She often brings books and journals to demonstrate her ideas.

Wish list for visits:

  • projector and screen
  • a microphone (not necessary in small groups)
  • well-prepared students who are familiar with her books
  • someone to hand her books when she's signing

Becky was a teacher for more than 35 years, so she understands schools, libraries and kids. She loves talking to faculty groups, also. A full-day program includes four sessions with a 15-minute break between sessions and, of course, a lunch break.

Please call or email for fees. She charges by the hour, half day or full day. If the school is located outside of Salt Lake City, she charges for mileage also.

Becky hopes to see you soon!